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Foamy Fan Movie Foamy Fan Movie

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My harmonica just attacked me.

But even that won't rain on my sunny smile. There is no level of happiness to describe my personal, and at times quite innaproprioate, self-satisfaction. I am truely humble, no, I am truely privilaged and honoured to be in the pressence of one of the most spectacular specticles of flash production and general artistic expression. Don't let such low level single-minded foamy drones rain on your sunny day, you deserve to be burnt alive with the radience of heavenly sunshine and the love of every single foamy and non-foamy fan in the NG and Spasmbot universe.

<3 Much love from your good pal, Mopsicle!

(note: please excuse my bad spelling, this computer does not have a spell check of any description)

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BEDN: All Your Accounts BEDN: All Your Accounts

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Now that's a Bednalicious movie!

In all truth, I'm not much of an NGer anymore. I only discovered this movie after curiously searching my own name in the NG Search bar. But boy, what a suprise I was in stall for, what a super cool movie I found! I see this as more of a parody of AYB, this is a tribute to that little playful gay-curious troublesome maker we all know and love that is Bedn. So much work and so much time must have gone into the production of this masterpiece, I can't imagine. Thank for for including my own photoshopped Bedn and thank you for sharing this wonderful movie with us. Happy belated Clock Day to you, and all clocks and NG users. I truely love you all.

lll_Smolik's journey_lll lll_Smolik's journey_lll

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I liked this...

Very refreshing movie to start my day with, I feel like making movies now! I may even include you in it...

PS: Thanks for the free advertising!

alexsmolik responds:

Well, first of all, thanks for the good stuff said about the movie, and you're welcome about the free advertising thingy!lol.
Meh movie made you wanna make movies ? COOL ! More uber-magnificent flashes from Mopsicle to come !:-)
Thanks for the review !

Recent Game Reviews

Super Mario Revived Super Mario Revived

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I quite enjoyed this game.

I really enjoyed playing this, but I have a few tips on how you can improve the overal playability in the next game. For starters Mario moved at an incredibly slow rate. Whenever I play mario I always hold the run button, perhaps you should include a run button. Another problem was the still backgrounds. I think the game would be a little better if it was played as a scrolling background instead of various stages. Powerups would also be nice, and perhaps button sensitivity with the jumping. I look foward to the final version and I hope you take advantage of my suggestions.

-Mopsicle, NG veteran of the BBS

Ayeka Dress Up Ayeka Dress Up

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not worth it...

I can't give you much credit considering you didn't draw the character yourself, or give credit to the real artist. If you did draw it then why on earth did you use imported bitmap graphics on a vector based program?

Personally I think 4 hours is not enough, dress up games need attention to detail, and no I don't mean nipples and a cunt I mean shading, and animated eyes, mouth, actions... a dress up game can only be so much, why not do it properly?

lll_Spasmbot Dressup_lll lll_Spasmbot Dressup_lll

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Lewl, That Rocked

Seriously, that was very well made my friend. Cute drawings, especially J3n, <3 for teh J3n, and not such a bad variety of clothing... you did well my friend, congratulations on such a wonderful game!


alexsmolik responds:

Thanks a lot dude ! Both for the review and for the compliments.
Yeah, I also think I didn't do too bad for a first dress-up. But since it all resides in the graphics ...
I bet yours will be spectafuckingcular.
I'm waitinf for it ! =)
<3 Spasmbot !